About Worcester Terrariums

Thank you for visiting my website; this is an extension of a long held passion of mine and I hope you enjoy the terrariums as much as I enjoy making them. 

My obsession with plants stems back to my childhood but it really came to fruition when I bought a bonsai back in 2013. Though bonsai and terrariums aren’t directly related, I found great enchantment in reading about trees and plants and I cite this as my gateway to the wonderful world of horticulture.

Fast forward to 2019 and after many terrariums created (and many failed) and having been consistently disappointed with the price and quality of garden centre terrariums, I have decided to have a go at this myself. I am operating this business on my own while working a full time job so as you can imagine I am busy but I am at my workshop which is right in the city centre every day (the workshop is a 5 minute walk from Foregate street station).

For now, all terrariums can be collected from the workshop (WR1) or delivery is available within a 10mile radius from Worcester city centre at a flat rate of £5. For deliveries further afield please contact me directly. 

***Please be aware that I cannot post the terrariums due to their delicate nature.***


All the terrariums I make come with a guarantee that if the plants fail within the first 3 months then I will replace them for free so long as you have taken care and followed my instructions. If you bought a plant from a garden centre and didn’t take care of it, you couldn’t take it back and ask for a refund. If, however, you followed instructions and the plant still died then you would be entitled to a refund/exchange! I try to be as fair as possible and will know if correct care has been taken but I would like to stress that I am absolutely happy to replace plants if you have followed my instructions and they still failed.