14cm stand off between a Wolf pack and a Buck


Please note that the terrariums cannot be posted due to their delicate nature. Collection from the workshop in Worcester city center (WR1) or delivery within a 10-mile radius for a rate of £5 is available. Please contact for further information

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This scene depicts a stand off between a wolf pack and a buck. It is planted with Selaginella apoda, Leucobryum glaucum and is landscaped with lava rock.

Selaginella is the sole genus of the family Selaginellaceae which is also known as the Spikemosses or lesser club mosses. It is often erroneously called a moss when it is actually a fern ally. Selaginella apoda, commonly known as meadow spikemoss, is a fern ally native to Eastern America and Mexico. It is generally found in moist soils in wetlands, along stream banks and in open woods.

Leucobryum glauca is a variety of moss that is widely found across Europe and Eastern North America. It can tolerate a wide variety of conditions and is perfect for use in a terrarium. The key to keeping this moss healthy is to make sure the surface stays moist (imagine a sponge rung of water). It doesn’t have a root system and takes all its moisture from its immediate environment.

Ensure the substrate stays uniformly damp but do not saturate it. To test, poke your finger in an inch or so, it should feel like a damp sponge. When watering, use a spray bottle on a fine setting and be sure to leave the lid off for a few hours each day to allow airflow in. I’m hesitant to give exact timeframes on watering but keep a close eye on it and go from there. In the conditions in my workshop, I tend to water once a month, give or take. This factors in a daily removal of the lid, light levels and temperature which will be different in your home. This is why it’s important to keep a close eye on it.


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