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40cm rainforest terrarium


Please note that the terrariums cannot be posted due to their delicate nature. Collection from the workshop in Worcester city centre (WR1) or delivery within a 10-mile radius for a rate of £5 is available. Please contact for further information

This terrarium is planted with Ficus benjamina, Fittonia albivenis, Peperomia puteolata and bun moss. This terrarium will need to be placed in a bright position ideally out of direct sun. I recommend a grow light, these can be purchased inexpensively from Amazon.


Ficus benjamina is a tropical fig tree native to Asia and Australia, it is also the official tree of Bangkok. In nature, these trees grow to 30m+ so need to be pruned to keep them small. They are popular houseplants but are notorious for dropping their leaves when their environment changes. Thankfully, this doesn’t happen often inside a terrarium as it provides the moisture and heat these plants love. If it does drop it’s leaves, don’t worry, just be sure to pick them up to prevent rotting inside the terrarium. The plant will be fine.

Peperomia puteolata is native to South America and has a upright/slightly trailing habit. It is often found growing epiphytically and like most peperomia’s, it is grown for its foliage rather than its flowers and thrives in a terrarium.

Fittonia albivenis is a tropical plant native to the tropical rainforests of South America, mainly Peru. Also known as the ‘nerve plant’, it has a distinctive vascular system with veins coming in a range of colors from white to pink and red. Tribes in the Amazon use it to cure headaches and toothaches and it is believed to have been used as a hallucinogen during sacred ceremonies*. Like most tropical plants, it thrives in a humid environment but it is important to open the lid from time to time to allow air to circulate. While Fittonia enjoys humid conditions, it absolutely detests sitting in water so it is best to plant it in a loose soil mix. All terrariums should have a drainage layer at the bottom to allow excess water to seep from the soil above it.


Out of stock


A large, 40cm terrarium scene depicting explorers in a rainforest.


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