Apothecary moss jar


Deliver IS available via private courier. The delivery payment is taken after the terrarium is purchased.

The terrarium will be hand delivered to you at a pre-arranged date and time.

Deliveries within Worcester or the surrounding area – £10.

Deliveries up to 2.5 hours from Worcester – £30.

For deliveries further afield please get in touch. We can always arrange something.


A small apothecary jar planted with Leucobryum glaucum.


To care for this terrarium, place in a bright spot out of direct sun. Water with a spray bottle using deionized, distilled or filtered water. Due to the size of the bottle and its opening, I advise holding the spray bottle a few inches away so only the mist gets in. It’s important not to let the moss dry out, or let it get saturated. Evenly damp is the key to healthy moss.



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