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Please note that the terrariums cannot be posted due to their delicate nature. Collection from the workshop in Worcester city center (WR1) or delivery within a 10-mile radius for a rate of £5 is available. Please contact for further information

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These moss boxes are planted with a mixture of Selaginella uncinata, Peperomia caespitosa, Peperomia antoniana, Begonia schultzi, Soleirolia soleirolii, Ficus thunbergii (quercifolia) and Leucobryum glaucum (moss).

Underneath the moss is the substrate layer. The plants will root into this so it’s important to keep it moist but not saturated. If in doubt, imagine you are about to wipe a dusty surface and have rung a sponge of all it’s water. The level of moisture in the sponge is what to am for. Do not overwater. If in doubt, please contact me.

I have two of these available but I’m not yet back in my workshop so the collection will be from my home in WR4. There are slight variations in the planting, see the gallery pictures for more info.

Once established, the plants (especially Soleirolia soleirolii) will grow and need pruning. If the terrarium is bought from me, I offer maintenance, free of charge so long as it is brought to and collected from my workshop.

Both of the Peperomias are rare and difficult to source. Once they start to establish, I recommend you take cuttings and grow them on!

*Please note that due to the current Covid-19 situation, I will only be accepting payment online or via bank transfer. Cash or card is not accepted.



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