New 10cm Globe Terrarium 1


Please note that the terrariums cannot be posted due to their delicate nature. Collection from the workshop in Worcester city centre (WR1) or delivery within a 10-mile radius for a rate of £5 is available. Please contact for further information


A 10cm Globe Terrarium planted with Leucobryum glauca, Soleirolia soleirolii, Selaginella uncinata, Peperomia prostrata and Ficus Quercifolia.

Soleirolia soleirolii, also know as ‘dwarf babies tears’ or ‘mind your own business’, is a common plant in the UK, often seen forming dense mats in the cracks of pavements. It favors a damp, bright spot so long as it’s not sat in the sun and is a vigorous plant once established. While it likes a damp spot, it is important it doesn’t sit in water.

Ficus quercifolia is a smaller leaved, slower-growing cultivar of Ficus pumila. Its name is derived from the Latin word, Quercus, which means ‘oak’. I’ve not been able to find much information on this cultivar. Like all Ficus, it exudes a milky latex when cut which can irritate the skin and eyes so care must be taken when using these plants. Always wash hands after handling and do not touch your eyes

Selaginella uncinata, also known as ‘blue spikemoss/peacock moss/spring blue spikemoss, is actually not a moss at all. It is actually a type of Lycophyte (a lycophyte is a primitive plant that lacks flowers, seeds, fruit, and wood.) which, under the right light, has a striking iridescent glow. It is native to Southern China but can be found along the Gulf Coast of the USA. It can be used as a houseplant but isn’t often seen in garden centres and nurseries in the UK.

Peperomia prostrata, also known as the ‘string of turtles’, is a trailing plant with succulent leaves native to the tropical rainforests of South America. It naturally grows epiphytically (an epiphyte is an organism that grows on another plant, taking moisture and nutrients from the air) along trees and rocks but can be grown in soil so long as it is not saturated and is allowed to dry a little between watering. A stunning plant which is becoming more popular as a houseplant in the UK.

To keep this terrarium healthy, place in a bright spot and ensure the soil stays just moist but not wet. The substrate should feel like a sponge rung of all the water; as if you were about to wipe a surface down. Always use a spray bottle on the mist setting when watering and if unsure, less is always preferable to more. Plants in a terrarium can recover from under watering far easier than overwatering. If in doubt please contact me or bring the terrarium to my workshop.

*Please note that the terrarium you will receive will not be the exact one in the picture.


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